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Long Tail Pro 3 Review

Since Google is so saturated nowadays it is very hard to rank for 1 word, 2-word or even 3-word key phrases. Rather than trying to rank for “loans” it is easier to rank for “payday loans” (in this case easier doesn’t mean easy!) and even easier for a key phrase “payday loans without credit check”.  The more words in a keyword the easier it gets to rank on Google. You might say those long tail keywords don’t get much monthly global searches, but the magic happens when you rank for 3-4 long tail keywords rather than spending your resources on trying to rank for a difficult keyword which has already been saturated. Also conversion rate is much higher on the traffic from a long tail keyword rather than a short one.

Ever since I got into SEO and brand promotion I used Google AdWords Keyword research tool, then came Market Samurai. These tools do a great job but require quite a lot of time consuming work to find the exact keywords you need. That was until I came across Long Tail Pro.  This tool combines information from MOZ and AdWords keyword planner. Let’s have a look at this piece of software.

LontailPRO keyword research tool

Long Tail Pro 3: The only Keyword Research tool you are ever going to need

I’ve always been doing my keywords research manually but a recommendation from a fellow internet marketer made me try this software. And oh boy I fell in love with it in the first hour of playing around with it. If you are thinking it just displays keywords fetched from the keyword tool, you are completely wrong, here’s why:

  • You can analyse any given keyword and find long tail keywords related to your phrase, and yes Long Tail Pro works with adult keywords too.
  • It finds an incredible amount of keywords, and you can sort them as you wish
  • Offers 10 first results on google for any keyword, displays age and backlink profile alongside with competitiveness of the site

So how does it stand against Market Samurai?

The main difference between the two is – Long Tail Pro is much more time saving. You can input several keywords for research and filter what kind of keywords to search for. In Market Samurai you get to work with only one keyword and no filter.

My final word on Long Tail Pro 3

Long_tail_pro_review_250x250If you have been around interest marketing blogs for a while, you should know that there’s no such a thing as 1 click to get rich. Long Tail Pro will only help you obtain keywords to work with, which keywords are easier to rank for and which keywords are not worth spending your precious time and resources on.

Also many people can’t seem to be able to find the “keyword competitiveness” tab on the results, it only comes up on a platinum version of the software, and if you have the platinum subscription, you will need to register on MOZ for free and get and API key.

If you have any more questions or need a detailed tutorial, please let me know and I will be glad to help.